Take control of your food orders with foodonchart.com

It’s Wednesday night and you’re back home from a particularly grueling CrossFit session. Beyond starving doesn’t begin to describe it.

Opening the fridge, you poke around for something passable for dinner, settle on some leftover spaghetti, change your mind, throw it out and pull out your phone to order takeout.

As you scroll through an endless sea of take-out places, you settle on a salad or a sandwich that seems somewhat healthy(ish). Forty-five minutes later, you open a takeout bag to a greasy mess or a few leaves of lettuce drowning in dressing.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

In a recent survey, 82 percent of respondents said that having healthy options on the menu played a role in choosing a place to eat. Eighty-two percent! That’s not a trend. That’s movement. So, how are restaurants adapting?

The National Restaurant Association says by focusing on fresh, minimally processed ingredients, locally sourced meats and seafood, and environmental sustainability. As guests demand healthier options, restaurants are tirelessly working to make sure they can respond to consumer interest.

But is there anything you can do to make sure you have total control over your takeout?

Thought you’d never ask. Meet the future of food ordering.

FoodOnChart is a new online healthy food ordering platform that puts control of your nutrition back in your hands.

The revolutionary technology behind FoodOnChart allows you to customize your own nutritional values and then order from your favorite restaurants. It’s simple, free and ensures you’re eating as cleanly as you want to.



Everyone really, but here are three kinds of people FoodOnChart could really help out.


OK, this one may be obvious but you just can’t overlook how valuable a tool like this is in the fight against all the stuff your body doesn’t need. Looking for a high-protein, medium-fat, low-carb cranberry chicken salad wrap? Check, check, check. All you have to worry about is whether or not you have cash to tip the delivery guy.


The game’s on tonight and your crew is on the way over. What to order? Pizza? Burgers? An industrial sized salad? Since people are more health-conscious than ever, chances are someone’s going to leave hungry and upset they forked over 20 bucks for a group meal they didn’t (or couldn’t) eat. FoodOnChart allows everyone to order their own meals, with their own specific nutritional requirements so everyone can root for their home team properly fed.


Kids menus can be a depressing wasteland of items battered and fried into complete obscurity. Isn’t it time to start thinking beyond the chicken finger? With FoodOnChart, you can set the nutritional requirements to search for healthy, tasty options that your kids will absolutely devour.

So, let’s redo our scenario from the other night: It’s Saturday. You’re heading to your favorite neighborhood spot for a bite with some friends. Scanning the menu, you settle on two options that sound “delizioso.”

A quick consult with FoodOnChart tells you that the pepper-crusted sirloin with parmesan mashed potatoes will save you 120 calories and 10 grams of fat over the herb-grilled salmon in brown butter sauce with garlic asparagus.


So are you ready to experience the power of intelligent food ordering? Signup FoodOnChart and let’s get a little healthier together.