4 lessons from Stranger Things' Bob Newby on copy and content

Oh, Bob. We knew as soon as you walked through that door and into our lives that you were much, much too good for this world. 

As Vulture’s Jen Chaney so correctly points out, the adorkable boyfriend of Joyce Byers “is the equivalent of dad jeans in human form”.  But there was something so wise about the high school nerd turned Hawkins Radio Shack Manager.

He was smart, eternally positive and loyal to a fault. And though these qualities ultimately led to his demise (sorry, but the statute of limitations on spoiler alerts has run out on this one) we can still take some valuable lessons away from this unlikely hero.

Being genuine matters in life- and in copy.

While Joyce may have gone after a “bad boy” like Jim Hopper in high school, the comfort and stability that Bob provided was exactly what she needed at the moment. She felt supported and cared for and she appreciated how far he went to connect with her sons.

When it comes to your advertising and marketing efforts, it pays to “commit to your content” in much the same way. Your customers can see right through jargon, buzzwords and other assorted nonsense. Make sure your copy is simple, conversational and authentic. That’s what makes them feel connected to you and your brand.

There’s power in staying true to yourself.

While he may have gone full-on Indiana Jones towards the end of his run, for most of his life, Bob pretty much stayed in his lane. He loved Mr. Mom, bad puns and computer coding and didn’t try to pretend otherwise.

Being consistent in your message builds loyalty with your customer base. Every piece of communication whether it’s an email, print ad or social media post should ladder up to what your brand stands for. This isn’t to say your business can’t change and evolve over time, but staying true to your core values is key to keeping your customers.

Stick with a subject expert.

Bob knew BASIC like the back of his hand- which turned out to be pretty useful for everyone who got out of the lab alive. Only Bob could reprogram the security system to open the lockdown. So he went down there, did his thing and ALMOST made it out before the Demo-dog got to him. Bottom line: when it was time to prove he had the skills, Bob delivered. Like a boss.

Make sure that your agency or in-house writers know your products, services or brand inside and out. This is extra important if you have a highly technical offering. Consider training your writers on anything new so they’ll know exactly how to position them in your advertising and marketing materials. It will save you time and money in the long run.

It pays to take risks.

Ok, if he knew how this was all going to end, Bob may disagree with me on this one, but hear me out.  Even when he knew the danger level of heading down to that basement, Bob didn’t hesitate. He knew he was the only one who could deliver and he had the guts to go get the job done.  His mission was a success and Will immortalized him as “Superhero Bob”.

While I hope your stakes will be somewhat less intense, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and try something that may challenge you a bit. Whether it’s starting a blog, creating your first social media campaign or putting on an event, stretching beyond what you know can be the shot in the arm your brand needs to get to the next level.

So there you have it, some serious inspiration from the one and only Bob Newby. Oh and if you need a writer to help you do some of this stuff, reach out! 

Photo credit: Netflix