3 unexpected Edoughble combos you can totally take credit for

Stilettos and boyfriend jeans. “High end” camping. Martha and Snoop.

In life, there are some combinations that don’t seem like they’d work…but somehow they do. So well, in fact, that you wonder why you didn’t put them together sooner. 

The same can be said for the amazing duos we’re about to introduce you to. These unlikely pairings will make your friends look at you like the genius we already know you are. You know, because you read this blog.

Anyway, let’s dive into the dough.

Crash girl’s night in with Snicker-Dude

Yoga pants, mud masks and one giant hunk…of cookie dough. Snickerdoodles may be for kids but Snicker-Dude is an essential splurge for a night with your best gals.

A few bites of this cinnamon-y, gooey “center of the cookie” yumminess makes Cards Against Humanity funnier, office gossip more intriguing and rom coms more rom-commy.

Sugar, spice and everything nice…Snicker-Dude is the ideal treat to accompany a night of “Do I swipe right?” decision-making. Now, grab a spoon!

Say yaaaaaaas to mimosas and Milk n’ Cookies.

We’re not quite sure when milk and cookies got its rep as a bedtime snack, but we’ve dreamed up much bigger things for this fully loaded container of fun. Who wants to live in a world where there’s a “proper time” for such things anyway?

That’s right. We’ve been known to bring our Milk n’ Cookies to brunch. Brunch, people.

If we can be eating little quiches and bacony things and sometimes arugula, we can enjoy chocolate cookie crumbles and whipped vanilla bean frosting in silky, buttery  sugar dough. No questions asked.

Except maybe “Did you bring another tub?”

Oh, baby! Booties, bottles and Lady in Red Velvet Chip.

You know what the most painful part of a baby shower is?

It’s not trying to guess how big the guest of honor’s belly is or attempting to figure out what type of chocolate has been melted in a diaper (although ew and ew!). It’s the poor mom-to-be trying to be equally enthusiastic about 300 versions of the same onesie. Ugh.

So change things up with the sultry, sophisticated and totally safe for pregnant ladies Lady in Red Velvet Chip! Bursting with Callebaut white chocolate chunks and swirled with homemade vanilla bean frosting, this is one little bundle of joy sure to receive a genuine OMG!

Oh and if you really want to be the star of the day, get her a Six Pack. Maybe you’ll get the baby named after you.

Ok, that’s all we got. Can you think of any other unlikely combos? Tag us (@Edoughble). We love hearing how creative you crazy kids can get!